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Simon's Town Museum

Simon’s Town Museum is housed in "The Residency" which was built in 1777 as the  winter residence for the Dutch East India Company Governor at the Cape. Simon’s Town Museum was established in 1977 by the Simon's Town Historical Society. The Museum was originally housed in the old Simon’s Town Municipality complex, but moved to "The Residency" in 1982. The building has a long history, having been used as a hospital, post office, school, customs house, police station, gaol and magistrate’s court. The Simon’s Town Museum collects and exhibits the cultural history of the people of Simon’s Town and their connections with the Dutch East India Company, Royal Navy, and the Forced Removals.

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  1. Entrance Donation: R5.
  2. History Slides: R5
  3. Just Nuisance: R5
  4. Exhibitions Tour: R5


  1. Entrance Donation: R10.
  2. History Slides: R10
  3. Just Nuisance: R10
  4. Exhibitions Tour: R10

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Opening Time

Monday To Friday: 10AM to 4PM

Saturdays: 10AM to 1PM

Sundays & Public Holidays: Closed

If you have any queries or information on any of the Museum research project, please email us on or

Physical Address

The Residency Court Road


Postal Address

P.O.Box 56



Telephone: +27 21786 3046

Fax No: +27 21 786 2391